Construction pits, foundations, tunnels, slopes, disposal sites, ground water, ground frezing, geosynthetics - no matter what your problem is, we gladly support and advise you in all issues and projects with geotechnical background.


As well as almost every construction building starts with the foundation, every successful project begins with a well-grounded preliminary planning and an review of feasibility.

In this connection we willingly support you in all geotechnical issues and furthermore as well. Beside our own professional competence, we have contacts to several other experts (Cooperation), so we can go back to their support if necessary. 


Both before and during the projects we gladly stand by your side supporting and advising you in all geotechnical issues.

We assist you with the development of alternative solutions in particular or we find ways to reach the objectives despite changed or unexpected boundary conditions.

Of course we like to support you in the framework of claim management.


Two heads are better than one.

Regardless of whether you want to obtain a second opinion for you own project or you have to carry out some reviews due to normative or magisterial terms – we are at your disposal.

Thereby it is a matter of course, that we not only assess critically the existing planning, but also show if there is any potential for improvement or optimization.


Buildings are always unique, fabricated under the influence of several boundary conditions particularly with respect to ground engineering.

However, if single boundary conditions are not defined clearly in advance, discussions or disputes arise often during or after the project.

In this context we gladly assist you in the form of expert opinions and reports and support you competently in discussions with the counterparty.

Expert opinions

Quite often, it is indispensable to obtain a third resp. a further opinion to provide clarity in complicated issues or to conclude discussion and disputes.

Here, we are gladly at your disposal with our expertise and provide opinions for purchasers and contractors in judicial as well as in extrajudicial matters of any kind.

Special subjects

Even though we see ourselves as all-rounder in geotechnical engineering, we have exceptional know-how and competence in geohydraulics, the freezing method and geosynthetics. We have gained large expertise and methodological competence through intensive research (Publications) as well as through planning, consulting and advisory activities (References) on each topic, to which we gladly resort at new issues.

Especially Prof. Ziegler has specific competence of geosynthetics, due to his long lasting research (Cooperation) and his engagement in diverse working committees (Memberships).


We gladly share our knowledge with you. Hence, we not only give regularly lectures at symposiums regularly, but also take part in special seminars. Furthermore we will come up straight to you on demand to carry out entire seminars according to your wishes. On this, a little selection of current contributions and seminars: READ MORE