Lecture by Professor Ziegler and Dr. Koppmann at the colloquium of the Hafentechnische Gesellschaft on "Reduction of CO2-emissions in Port and Hydraulic Engineering" 

February 2023 

On February 23, 2023, the Hafentechnische Gesellschaft (HTG) held a colloquium entitled "CO2 Emissions Minimization in Port and Hydraulic Engineering" in Hamburg to honour Karlheinz Pröpping's retirement from active service at the Hamburg Port Authority. The presentation blocks highlighted the possibilities for minimizing emissions from the perspective of HTG, suppliers, the construction industry, clients and planners.

In the latter block, Professor Ziegler and Dr. Koppmann presented the possibility of renewable energy utilization and the associated CO2 savings potential by thermal activation of steel sheet piles. First, they discussed the required energy transition and the inseparable necessary heat transition before they presented the basic principle of near-surface geothermal systems and in particular the system of thermally activated sheet pile walls. Finally, potentials and already implemented projects with thermally activated sheet piles were presented.

The colloquium was a very successful and enjoyable event with many interesting contributions that provided numerous impulses for a more sustainable planning and design of construction projects in the field of port and hydraulic engineering. Last but not least, ZAI would like to thank Mr. Karlheinz Pröpping, who initiated the event and enabled ZAI to contribute to this current and important topic.

Further information on the thermal activation of steel sheet piles can be found here.

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